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Are Pre-Workouts for Everyone?

Are Pre-Workouts for Everyone? Let’s start with the basics. What is a pre-workout? At their core they are dietary supplements formulated to be taken prior to a workout with the goal of helping to improve the quality of the workout session, and they are mainly marketed towards resistance training rather... Read more
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Working out to a Beat

f you are like most, you don’t want to work out without your favorite music, which means you are on the right track to a more effective workout! Music can’t magically push you beyond your physical limits, however, listening to your favorite songs while at the gym can make workouts... Read more
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Is Caffeine Good for You?

Aside from caffeine’s best-known benefit of increased energy levels, there are other potential benefits.   Caffeine may help you to: Burn Fat Lose Weight Stay Alert Be less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease, dementia, certain types of cancer and type 2 diabetes On the downside, however caffeine has some potential negative... Read more