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Dietitian and Nutrition

Nutrition is the single most important aspect of any exercise program. We take a scientific approach to our custom nutrition programs at our studios.


Whether you are just starting to think about making some lifestyle changes or you’re a competitive athlete, working with a NexGen Fitness dietitian can help you reach your goals. Working side by side as partners, you and your dietitian will identify realistic and sustainable lifestyle modifications suited to your individual needs. We know typical diets are usually full of rigid rules that aren’t realistic long term, leaving you with results that aren’t sustainable.

The NexGen approach is the game changer. Just imagine a life where you can satisfy cravings, overcome emotional or stress eating, enjoy fun moments in life like holidays, vacations, date nights and the food that goes along with it, never stress over the “what’s for dinner” question all while feeling your best.

Metabolic Testing

Ever wonder how many calories you should be eating or if you have a slow metabolism? We start each program by measuring your resting metabolic rate. Accurate metabolic testing holds the key to healthy, sustainable weight loss. Determining caloric consumption is so crucial to any fitness program that we offer this testing for free to all of our clients. After testing your metabolic rate we can be very accurate in setting a caloric intake goal. Your trainer will then provide guidance on how your caloric intake goal breaks down in terms of ratios of proteins, carbs, and fats, as well as provide ideas for healthy options to consider in planning your meals.


NexGen NUTRITION™ is a revolutionary app that allows our trainers to provide unmatched, real-time accountability, even when our clients are not in the studio. It makes tracking your calories throughout the day easier and allows our trainers to send a variety of meal templates directly to your device. The app is available for free download in both the Apple App Store and for your Android device on Google Play.

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