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Muscle Recovery: Essential to Your Next Workout

The moment every athlete wants to avoid. POP! A muscle gives at the gym or on the track, leading to weeks of rehab. Sometimes it’s not even a single moment, but rather, countless hours of overuse that leads a muscle to strain or tear. To avoid rehab, athletes need to... Read more
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Expert Personal Trainers Answer | Ice or Heat?

Ice vs. Heat It is an unfortunate truth in leading an active lifestyle; at one point or another you will most likely suffer an injury of some sort. Hopefully it is small in nature and you will be back to normal in a short time, but how you go about... Read more
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Personal Trainer explains D.O.M.S.

Let’s talk about being sore. Almost anyone who has ever lifted a weight or done anything strenuous can attest to the fact that at one point or another you will experience muscle soreness. They will also tell you that this is definitely a different kind of sore. An ache in... Read more