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Mindset matters!

What sets apart someone who accomplishes great things and someone that fails to realize what they are capable of? You might guess intelligence, taking risks, or creativity. Science, however, proves otherwise. Mindset can impact everything in your life from work to relationships, and even your performance in the gym! According... Read more
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Working out to a Beat

If you are like most, you don’t want to work out without your favorite music, which means you are on the right track to a more effective workout!  Music can’t magically push you beyond your physical limits, however, listening to your favorite songs while at the gym can make workouts... Read more
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Rewarding Rewards

Setting small goals for yourself on the path to your final goal is a great way to help keep your motivation.  When you reach a goal, you need a reward.  Planning for your reward can be an additional motivator.  When your goals relate to weight loss, however, it is important... Read more
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The Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

Do you ever wish you were able to hibernate like a bear? Well the truth is that bears don’t truly hibernate. They do slow down and go into a deep sleep during the winter months; but it is not a true hibernation. Bears go into a deep sleep to survive... Read more
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Expert Personal Trainers Discuss | Creating Healthy Habits

When you think of the word “habit”, if you are like me, your mind likely wanders to those habits that you wish you could break personally or that a loved one would give up. The word “habit” has, unfortunately, developed somewhat of a negative connotation, when in fact habits themselves... Read more
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Personal Trainers Explain | Why Music Matters

Why Music Makes all the Difference Have you ever gone running with no headphones, or tried to workout in a quiet gym? How’d you do? Did you make it through the entire workout or did you find yourself feeling a bit off and lackadaisical? For many the latter would have... Read more
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Personal Training Experts Spotlight | Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver Many people are trying to be more natural in their treatment of ailments rather than simply running to prescriptions or over the counter drugs. There are many natural remedies that have been used for centuries to help with everything from a cough to a headache. One of the... Read more
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Ask a Personal Trainer | Morning vs Evening Workouts?

Morning vs. Evening Workouts Have you ever wondered if there was a perfect time of the day to work out? Did you ever think to yourself that maybe you would do better if you workouts were after work instead of before? Well there are definitely advantages and disadvantages to what... Read more
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Personal Trainer Talks | A Supplement for Improving Mood

St John’s Wort If you’re like many others here in Texas, this crazy up and down weather the past few weeks has probably wreaked havoc on your energy and mood. We all know that during the winter months many individuals suffer from SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is typically... Read more