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Working Out with an Injury

Working Out with an Injury When you have a regular workout routine, whether an athlete or not, it is often hard to know how to deal with the disruption that occurs when you have an injury. You may worry about losing your progress or deconditioning. “An injury can be frustrating,... Read more
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Muscle Recovery: Essential to Your Next Workout

The moment every athlete wants to avoid. POP! A muscle gives at the gym or on the track, leading to weeks of rehab. Sometimes it’s not even a single moment, but rather, countless hours of overuse that leads a muscle to strain or tear. To avoid rehab, athletes need to... Read more
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Elite Personal Trainer Dicusses | Foam Rolling

The Skinny on Foam Rolling If you’ve been in a health club lately or have friends that work out, chances are that you’ve seen or heard of foam rolling, but most of us get different stories on what it does and the benefits it may bring.  Some people swear by... Read more
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Personal Trainer Recommends | Full Body vs Splits

Starting Out: Full Body vs. Split Routines We want to start off by making it very clear that we are not against either style of training. Both styles have their pros and cons, and both can have incredible effects on your appearance, strength and endurance. That being said we wanted... Read more
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Elite Personal Trainer Discusses | Stretching

Stretching: Before or After your Workout? There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding this question. There also seems to be a lot of opinion being stated as fact. So what is the answer? Most will agree that stretching is a vital part of any fitness regimen and that... Read more
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Personal Trainer Explains I The Burpee

THE BURPEE This month, we wanted to pay homage to one of the best exercises in a trainer’s arsenal for getting a client’s heart rate up, taxing their entire body, and making sure they will never think the workout was easy. Anyone who has ever done a burpee (also sometimes... Read more
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Personal Trainer explains D.O.M.S.

Let’s talk about being sore. Almost anyone who has ever lifted a weight or done anything strenuous can attest to the fact that at one point or another you will experience muscle soreness. They will also tell you that this is definitely a different kind of sore. An ache in... Read more
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Personal trainer on the importance of warming up

Let’s face it, we are all trying to save time, be more efficient, and make the most of the few precious hours we have in a day. This often leads us to try and find the quickest, yet hopefully still effective, route in regards to the task we are approaching.... Read more