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Contact NexGen Fitness Corporate Offices

NexGen Fitness offers personal training studios throughout Texas, Oklahoma, New York and California, with many more to come as we grow through franchising. Each location is independently owned and operated. For appointments or to speak with management at a specific location, please visit our location pages for contact information.

For corporate inquiries or general questions, please contact us at the details below:

NexGen Fitness Corporate Office
Phone: (844) 4NEXGEN | (844) 463-9436
Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Bryan | Chief Executive Officer

Bryan is the founder of NexGen Fitness and has been our CEO since our inception in 2012. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science / Exercise Physiology from the University of Oklahoma, Bryan began his entrepreneurial journey by launching and running a successful small personal training studio in north Dallas. In the hopes of creating something more unique and inspired, potentially paving a path to success for not only himself, but also for others, Bryan sold his first business and founded NexGen Fitness in Frisco, TX. Bryan’s vision encompassed creating upscale, private, personal training studios that allowed for client privacy and the chance to work with the best trainers in the industry, in a setting unlike any other. High aspirations led to grand results, as NexGen Fitness has flourished under Bryan’s committed leadership. From the start, Bryan and his team have worked to hone the company’s processes, procedures, and programs to create a repeatable and profitable operating system that can be implemented at all new locations. Bryan spends each day striving to bring NexGen Fitness to the next level while expanding its concept. Day in and day out, you’ll find Bryan continually working to improve the NexGen Fitness business model and client experience, resulting in greater success across all studios.

Craig | Chief Operating Officer

Craig has been with NexGen Fitness since our inception in 2012, and currently serves as COO of NexGen Fitness Franchising Corporation. Craig received his B.S. in Finance from the University of Utah before going on to earn his MBA from Texas A&M – Commerce. In addition, Craig recently earned his Doctor of Business Administration from Anaheim University. Craig’s doctoral dissertation was on Franchisee Satisfaction in Fitness Concepts. Craig obtained his personal training certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT). His industry knowledge, business acumen, and resonance with the core values of NexGen Fitness made him an ideal fit for the company’s top tier of leadership. Craig joined NexGen Fitness during its inception phase, signing on to serve as General Manager of the first location before it was even opened. Craig’s time as General Manager allowed him to aid Bryan in the development of the standard operating procedures, training programs, and client programs that ultimately made the NexGen Fitness studios successful. As NexGen Fitness has grown, Craig has seen his role develop to match the evolving needs of the business, first acting as General Manager and then moving into the Area Director role for the DFW market, where he is responsible for supporting NexGen Fitness and its franchise studios. His current role as Chief Operations Officer is a testament to his sustained record of success.

Paula | Chief Financial Officer

Paula is the Chief Financial Officer of NexGen Fitness Franchising Corporation. After obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Texas – Permian Basin, Paula began her career with a big 8 accounting firm. After many years working in public accounting, Paula transitioned into a position in industry. For 15 years she was the Director of Internal Audit for a nationwide Fortune 500 company. Paula has a total of over thirty years of experience in accounting, audit, and corporate management. She has spent years ensuring that companies are operating with integrity, honesty and that they are financially sound. As CFO of NexGen Fitness Franchising Corporation she strives to ensure the company continues to move in the right direction, ultimately helping to ensure success for all members of the NexGen family.