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6841 Virginia Parkway, Suite 102
McKinney, TX 75071

Phone: (214) 550-7799

Hours: Monday – Friday: 5am – 9pm
Saturday: 6am – 3pm

Elite Personal Training

NexGen Fitness McKinney Adriatica is not a gym, but rather an elite personal training studio offering clients true one-on-one training in a fully equipped, private suite, under the supervision and guidance of our expert personal trainers. NexGen Fitness is a revolutionary concept in the fitness and personal training industry, and we are excited to be serving the residents of McKinney with our unique personal training concept that is sweeping the nation. From the time you walk in for your first session, your trainer works with you to develop a plan that fits your goals – focused on the right mix of cardio, weight training, and nutrition. Your transformation is waiting, all it takes is you!

To complete your NexGen Fitness McKinney Adriatica private personal training experience, we believe you should also include recovery services.You can visit our sauna or salt room to help allow faster recovery time, along with a multitude of additional health benefits.

We are the best personal trainers in the industry for a reason. Come see for yourself what all the fuss is about, and discover why our unique approach to fitness has resulted in thousands of lives being transformed! We want you to TRY US FOR FREE. Request a free Personal Training session at our McKinney Adritica location and take your commitment to reaching your goals to the next level.


Every NexGen Fitness location features the same NexGen personalized fitness experience: private workout suites, state-of-the-art cardio and weight-training equipment, and one-on-one sessions with an expert personal trainer.