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Free Golf Clinic

We are excited to announce a special Free Golf Clinic this Saturday at our Legacy location. Come learn from the golf expert different tips to help improve your game! Meet Bob MacDonald | ACSM-CPT | PGA Strength Conditioning Coach Golf Training Specialist A credentialed trainer and strength conditioning coach on... Read more
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Frisco Personal training – Client of the Month (Sept)

This month’s standout client is Michael C. Michael came to NexGen to lose weight, tone up, and build strength. His recent assessment results certainly speak to him being on the right track. Through his dedication to cardio, proper eating, and pushing it in each session Michael was able to make... Read more
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Personal Trainer on Calcium

Calcium Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and can be found in several different sources and also serves multiple purposes. It is responsible for aiding in contraction of the heart and widening of the arteries to assist with blood flow to the muscles and nerves. There are... Read more