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This month’s standout client is Michael C. Michael came to NexGen to lose weight, tone up, and build strength. His recent assessment results certainly speak to him being on the right track. Through his dedication to cardio, proper eating, and pushing it in each session Michael was able to make incredible progress. In only 8 weeks he was able to drop an amazing 17 lbs of fat, while adding 8 lbs of solid muscle! This reduced his body fat by 7.6% and helped him to lose almost 7 inches overall! Michael was also able to improve his strength and endurance, adding 20lbs to his bench press and completing an additional 9 push ups. Add in his improvement in flexibility and resting heart rate and Michael was able to improve in every category measured, thus completing what we view as an excellent all around assessment.

Great job Michael on your success thus far. We know if you keep up the good work and stay focused, you will continue to make great strides!

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