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Expert Personal Trainers Highlight | Guarana

In our endless search for that extra bit of energy, many have found that they may need a little bit more than a regular cup of coffee to feel the boost that should come with the added caffeine. Enter Guarana, a supplement made from the crushed seeds of P. cupana... Read more
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Expert Trainers Weigh In | Is Low The Way To Go?

While many fitness professionals may disagree on what type of workouts are most effective, from HIIT to cross training to traditional bodybuilding, one thing they do agree on is that if the nutrition aspect of the plan is not dialed in, you will not have the success you are searching... Read more
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Expert Personal Trainers Discuss | Fitness Fads

Infomercial. One word that causes most people to cringe. They take over our favorite TV channels late at night and on the weekends in an effort to try and sell us something they think is new and exciting. However, any of us that have fallen victim to the hype and... Read more
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Expert Personal Trainer Highlights | Coconut Oil

We know what you’re thinking, “Coconut oil as the supplement of the month? But it’s not a supplement…” Well this month we thought it was time to shed some light on this little wonder substance. While it certainly has many uses, from cooking to even being used as lotion, when... Read more
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Personal Trainers Discuss | Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks and Your Health In a world where we are trying to do more with the hours we have in the day, many of us are finding that sleep can often be negated by our desire to complete more each and every day. Unfortunately many of us know that... Read more
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Personal Training Experts Spotlight | Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver Many people are trying to be more natural in their treatment of ailments rather than simply running to prescriptions or over the counter drugs. There are many natural remedies that have been used for centuries to help with everything from a cough to a headache. One of the... Read more
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Elite Personal Trainer Dicusses | Foam Rolling

The Skinny on Foam Rolling If you’ve been in a health club lately or have friends that work out, chances are that you’ve seen or heard of foam rolling, but most of us get different stories on what it does and the benefits it may bring.  Some people swear by... Read more