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Keeping Active While on the Road

Keeping Active While on the Road Summer is here and folks are finally getting back out on the road after a long time of confinement. It is important that we don’t allow ourselves to slip back into bad habits of inactivity while on vacation. “Getting exercise in while on the... Read more
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Best Core Exercises

Best Core Exercises Your core muscles are not just your abs. Core muscles include the muscles in your abdomen, spine and pelvis. You use these muscles regularly in your day-to-day activities, which is why ensuring they are trained regularly is very important. A strong core provides you support in all... Read more
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Pros and Cons of a Keto Diet

Pros and Cons of a Keto Diet Ketogenic (Keto) is a term often used to describe a low-carb, higher fat diet. When following a low-carb diet such as this you will be eating more calories from proteins and fats (90-95% of calories) and fewer calories from carbohydrates. Eating keto means... Read more
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Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day Treats Valentine’s Day is the holiday of LOVE but it sometimes turns into the holiday of the love of candy. However, when you are working to improve your fitness, making sure you can celebrate without a bag of high calorie treats can play an important role. Making smart... Read more
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Why Have A Golf Fitness Plan?

Many golfers may think they don’t need a fitness regimen in order to improve their game, and this thinking could not be any further from the truth. Most importantly, frequent exercise will help a person play the game they love throughout their lives. In addition, there are other added health... Read more
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Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a wonderful source of low impact exercise. Here are just a few of the many benefits of a nice swim: Increases your strength The resistance of the water is greater than the resistance of the air. You can increase the resistance by using a kickboard, hand paddles, etc.... Read more
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Does Lifting Weight Help You Lose Weight?

There are a lot of differing (and often wrong) opinions and fads on the best way to approach your fitness goals. Many of these are perpetuated by people who heard it from someone else and not from scientific fact. Unfortunately, it is a long-held belief that just doing cardio is... Read more
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Mindset matters!

What sets apart someone who accomplishes great things and someone that fails to realize what they are capable of? You might guess intelligence, taking risks, or creativity. Science, however, proves otherwise. Mindset can impact everything in your life from work to relationships, and even your performance in the gym! According... Read more
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NexGen Fitness opens in Buffalo!

We are very pleased to announce that we have opened our 12th NexGen Fitness location! Dan Gronkowski and Gronk Nation (owned by Dan and his brothers: Gordie Jr. Rob, Chris, and Glen) are bringing NexGen Fitness and NexGen Recovery to Buffalo, NY. All of us at NexGen Fitness want to... Read more