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Best Core Exercises

Your core muscles are not just your abs. Core muscles include the muscles in your abdomen, spine and pelvis. You use these muscles regularly in your day-to-day activities, which is why ensuring they are trained regularly is very important. A strong core provides you support in all your movements and actions. Standing up, walking, reaching, etc. all engage your core muscles. Among the many benefits of a strong core are:

· Better posture

· Reduction of low back pain

· Improved balance and stability

· Better running form

· Injury prevention

· Increases your ability to age well

There are many exercises beneficial to core strength, but Brian Andrews, NexGen Fitness Director of Fitness & Expansion says “The best direct core exercise, outside of the engagement you get during exercises such as deadlifts and squats, has to be the plank. Planks require the activation of not only ALL of your core muscles, but also incorporates your arms and legs for a full body burn. Planks can be easily modified and the intensity can be notched up as you increase your performance.” Side planks and mountain climbers are some plank modifications to increase the intensity of the exercise as your core gains strength. Other exercises with core strengthening benefits include:

· Reverse crunches

· Flutter kicks

· Russian twists

· Leg lifts

· Deadlifts

· Squats

To get started today training your core along with the rest of your body, please reach out to your NexGen Fitness expert trainer for guidance. If you are not a current NexGen client please contact us to schedule a free session and get on the right path for overall health and core strength.