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Why Cardio?

Why do NexGen Fitness trainers always ask about your cardio?  What is cardio and why is it so important? Cardio, or more accurately cardiovascular, exercise simply means that you’re doing a rhythmic activity that raises your heart rate.  Cardio can increase your metabolism, the process by which your body converts... Read more
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Expert Personal Trainers Discuss | Creating Healthy Habits

When you think of the word “habit”, if you are like me, your mind likely wanders to those habits that you wish you could break personally or that a loved one would give up. The word “habit” has, unfortunately, developed somewhat of a negative connotation, when in fact habits themselves... Read more
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Expert Personal Trainers Discuss | Fitness Fads

Infomercial. One word that causes most people to cringe. They take over our favorite TV channels late at night and on the weekends in an effort to try and sell us something they think is new and exciting. However, any of us that have fallen victim to the hype and... Read more
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Elite Personal Trainer Discusses | Stretching

Stretching: Before or After your Workout? There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding this question. There also seems to be a lot of opinion being stated as fact. So what is the answer? Most will agree that stretching is a vital part of any fitness regimen and that... Read more
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Women Should Lift Weight to Lose Weight

Ever look at your favorite female celebrity and think you’d kill for a body like that? Would it shock you to know that the women you envy didn’t obtain their bodies by simply running or hitting the stair climber?The sad truth is that many women who are trying to get... Read more
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Client of the Month | Personal Trainer

This month we are pleased to highlight another dedicated NexGen Fitness client, who has had great success in her short time with us. This month’s Client-of-the-Month goes to Charlene Bishop! She has been nothing short of incredible since she walked through our doors! With the stress of running her own... Read more