Side Pattern

This month we are pleased to highlight another dedicated NexGen Fitness client, who has had great success in her short time with us. This month’s Client-of-the-Month goes to Charlene Bishop! She has been nothing short of incredible since she walked through our doors! With the stress of running her own business and aiding in the health of others, she realized that her own health and well being had taken a back seat. It was time to shift the focus back on herself – and so far so GREAT!!

In only two months Charlene was able to lose 17 lbs and 16.65 inches (including an amazing 4.5” off her waist and another 4.25” off her hips)! Charlene has also seen her endurance improve, allowing her to knock out an additional 20 pushups!

Congratulations Charlene, on your success! All of us here have seen the tremendous progress you’ve made and know that you are inspiring those around you. We know that with your mind set on continuing to progress you will continue to make us proud. Way to go!