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Ten Sugar Surprises

Love the taste of sugar? Most of us do. We expect it to be in sweet treats, but the surprise is that sugar is hidden in many savory foods. “Added sugar should ideally be about 10% or less of your daily calories. Having more than that 10% on a regular basis can increase risk for heart disease, inflammation, diabetes, and much more. If you want a sweet treat here and there, that is perfectly fine, but at least you’re aware of the sugar!”, explained Olivia Beal, NexGen Registered Dietitian. Even if you are watching your sugar intake you may be surprised by the amount of sugar you are consuming on a daily basis. This extra sugar, which may be impacting your health, can be called many things. In addition to sugar, it can also be called corn or other syrup, fructose, sucrose, maltose or dextrose. When shopping and planning your meals be sure to check the labels for hidden sugar so that you are able to accurately monitor your intake and meet your fitness goals.

Below are ten foods and beverages to keep an eye on if you are watching your sugar intake.

Hidden Source of Sugar              Serving Size            Grams of Sugar
Spaghetti Sauce                             ½ cup                                   7
Ketchup                                           2 Tbsp                                 8
Barbecue Sauce                             2 Tbsp                                  9
French Dressing                            2 Tbsp                                  11
Tomato Soup                                 1 cup                                    12
Baked Beans                                  ½ cup                                   12
Cole Slaw                                        ½ cup                                   13
Energy Drinks                                1 can                                     25
Vitamin Water                               1 bottle                                 26
Orange Chicken                             ½ cup                                    31

If you would like help planning your sugar intake or with any other nutrition information, please reach out to the NexGen Fitness Registered Dietitian at