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Can it really help keep a doctor away? Well yes maybe it can! Apples have health benefits that have been proven over the course of time and are very likely to help keep you healthier. One little catch though, you have to eat the peel to reap all the benefits. Many of the nutrients, including most of the vitamin A and C, of an apple, are in or just under the peel. Americans, on average, eat about one apple per week, not nearly enough to enjoy all the benefits, not to mention the great taste. So, grab yourself an apple and consider these potential benefits while enjoying your snack:
1. The fiber in apples can help neutralize gastrointestinal disorders.
2. Apples may help prevent cholesterol build up and heart disease.
3. Compounds in apples can help prevent cancers including breast, colon and prostate cancer.
4. Apple’s natural sugars can give you an afternoon boost without the caffeine.
5. The vitamin C in an apple can boost your immune system.
6. An apple has only between 50 and 100 calories and has no fat or sodium, making it a great snack
7. Scientific studies have found that eating five apples a week lowered the risk for respiratory diseases
such as asthma.
8. Best of all, they taste great!