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Kettlebells seem to be all the rage now.  They are, however, not a new invention nor a passing fad.  Kettlebells were developed in Russia in the 18th century.  The kettlebell, which is an iron weight with a handle, has been used in a variety of exercises ever since.  The following are a few reasons why NexGen Fitness trainers often incorporate kettlebells as a part of a well-balanced workout routine.

  1. Kettlebells help improve your balance by forcing you to compensate for a changing center of gravity.
  2. Kettlebells help strengthen your grip.
  3. Kettlebells provide a combination of weight bearing and cardio training, helping to give you a full body workout.
  4. Kettlebells work your core by stimulating abdominal contraction.
  5. Kettlebell exercises can provide an effective stretch and may improve your flexibility and improve your joint strength.

The next time your trainer brings out kettlebells for you, just remember these benefits; stop feeling sorry for yourself, and start lifting.