Side Pattern

Although we all love the holiday season, it can be hectic and trying at times.  We seem to have so much to do, so many places to go and so many people to see that we can forget to take time for ourselves.  Making time to work with your personal trainer can help reduce your stress level, and put you in a better frame of mind for the festivities.  So, keep up your workout schedule with a NexGen Fitness trainer; and as an added bonus, don’t forget that lots of your daily activities burn calories, too.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Raking leaves = 147 calories
  • Vacuuming = 119 calories
  • Cleaning the house = 102 calories
  • Playing with the kids (moderate activity level) = 136 calories
  • Shopping = 130 calories
  • Standing in line = 47 calories
  • Cooking = 81 calories
  • Wrapping presents = 60 calories