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For the month of December we wanted to highlight a client that has been with us since our South Frisco location opened, and made the most of his time with us. Client-of-the-Month for December goes to Larry Kalka! Larry has been able to see incredible results by crushing the goals that have been set for him. This was done through dedication to his nutrition and never holding back in his workouts.

Larry has been able to reach his goal weight by dropping 25.5 lbs and over 12% body fat, seeing his waist shrink 7 inches! He has seen his flexibility increase, his resting heart rate drop by 8 beats, and his pushups more than double. More impressive still is the results the doctors have seen, noting that his cholesterol has dropped by 30 points!

Larry you have done amazing work in your time here. We know that, as we shift our focus and set new goals, you will undoubtedly continue to see great success. Keep up the hard work and dedication and you can’t fail!