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Becky and Matt B.

This month we are pleased to award Client(s) Of The Month to Becky and Matt B.! Becky and Matt came to us with the goal to lose weight and improve their overall level of health. While their ability levels differ, the couple has enjoyed the benefits of working out together and motivating each other to stay on track towards their goals.

In their first 8 weeks at NexGen, Becky was able to drop 12.8 lbs of fat, reducing her body fat by 4.8%, resulting in a loss of 7.2 inches overall! She also showed increases in strength and a 1.75 inch increase in flexibility! Matt was able to drop 13.3 lbs of fat, which helped reduce his body fat by 4.3% and resulted in a loss of 9.5 inches! Matt was also able to improve his resting heart rate and increase his bench press by an impressive 20 lbs!

Great job Becky and Matt on your success thus far. It is inspiring to see a couple taking the steps together toward a healthier and happier life!