Side Pattern

This month we are excited to award Client-Of-The-Month to Ryan C.! Excited because of the dedication he has shown in his short time with us and for the amazing results he’s achieved so far! Ryan came to us with the goal of regaining his fitness and achieving some very specific goals relating to his strength and conditioning. He is certainly right on track!

In his first 8 weeks Ryan was able to lose 17.1 pounds of fat while gaining 3.1 pounds of muscle! This dropped his body fat percentage by 5.2% and allowed him to lose 9.3 inches overall. Ryan also saw a decrease of his resting heart rate by an incredible 12 beats per minute as well as an increase of his flexibility by 4.5 inches! The extra muscle he added naturally helped him to push out 16 more pushups and add 30 lbs to his bench press!

Ryan we are extremely happy with your results so far. Your dedication to eating right and making sure to get your cardio sessions in is impressive. As you continue to work hard we know you will have great success!