Side Pattern

This month we are pleased to award Client Of The Month to Rick C.! Rick’s goals included weight loss, building strength, and increasing flexibility. All of his goals revolved around improving his tennis skills, a sport he loves and plays frequently. In his time at NexGen Rick has been able to see great improvements in his fitness level, and has commented on the translation of those improvements to the tennis court.

Rick was able to drop 18.9 lbs of fat, while adding 4.9 lbs of muscle! This reduced his body fat by 6.7% and resulted in a loss of 9.3 inches overall! Rick also saw improvements in his strength and endurance. He added 30lbs to his bench press did 14 more push ups. With his improvements in flexibility and resting heart rate it’s easy to see why his on court performance has increased.
Great job Rick on your success thus far. We know you will continue to do well and keep winning on the court!