Side Pattern

This month we want to spotlight an incredible client whose results have proven that when you decide to make a change and make fitness a priority the sky’s the limit! With that we would like to congratulate Jessica A. as this month’s Client-of-the-Month! Ask any of the trainers and they’ll tell you how much effort she puts in each and every time she steps foot inside the studio. Add that to the fact she’s been following our recommended meal plan and it’s easy to see how she could succeed! Jessica you are a true inspiration and embody the spirit of hard work.

In her first 8 weeks Jessica was able to lose an insane 30.5 lbs! This lead to a loss of 23 inches – 9 off her waist! Not only did she lose weight, but she also saw her pushups go up by 22 reps, her flexibility increase 2.75 inches, and her resting heart rate drop by an incredible 18 bpm!

Congratulations Jessica, on your results thus far! We have no doubt that with the mindset you have, and the dedication you’ve shown you will only continue to get better and better! Keep up the hard work. You are truly a role model to us all!