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Why Weight Doesn’t Always Matter

Ok, so we need to start by saying that in no way are we saying that it isn’t important to reach and maintain a healthy weight, it is important not to be overweight for the long term effects. Rather we want to make the assertion that what the scale says often does not tell the whole story.

Many people who begin an exercise journey will set a goal number for the weight they wish to achieve and maintain. And while some may get to that number and be happy, others may not be able to reach that number or get there and feel like it isn’t what they thought. Additionally as they go through their journey, they can become so focused with the movement on the scale that they can often miss the other amazing changes that are happening.

So what do we mean when we say weight doesn’t matter? We mean to say that the weight on the scale can often be very misleading, as it doesn’t take into account body composition. Take for example 2 women of the same height and weight who have different body-fat percentages. While the scale says the same weight, the way their clothes fit and the tone in the arm and legs will be drastically different. The woman with lower body-fat will likely be happier at her current weight, because of how she feels, than the other woman. This will likely cause woman B to look for more and more ways to get additional weight off, which may or may not be the healthiest option. By focusing on maintaining a healthy body composition, woman B may be able to fit in the clothes she wants, have the energy she needs, and be happier at the exact same weight she already is.

The number on the scale is just that, a number. It doesn’t define how healthy you are and sometimes it can be bad for your health to weigh less. This type of mindset can be dangerous. It can lead to a fall off the wagon if it isn’t progressing and is your only source of measuring change. It can also consume you and potentially lead to instances of eating disorders. Definitely not a positive. Fitness should be about progress and feeling better.

A better mindset to have is one where you focus not only on the scale but also on how your clothes fit, your energy levels, and your strength and progress in terms of your workouts. By focusing your attention away from the weight number alone you are more likely to find success in your fitness level and be able to see past a slower moving scale.  You will avoid becoming a slave to the number and likely find that you are happier in how you are doing. Remember a number doesn’t define you or your health. Focus on being a better version of you as a whole and you will be successful!