Side Pattern

Let’s start with the answer – Fiction.  Science established long ago that you cannot spot reduce a specific body part or area.  Although this is a persistent and attractive fiction, it is just not possible to concentrate exercise in one specific area, and realize reductions in just that area.  Fat loss, if achieved, will be over the entire body.  Doing thousands of sit ups can contribute to overall fat loss and weight reduction.  It can help you build muscle in that area; but it will not specifically reduce your belly only.  Our bodies just don’t work like that.

When we eat food and take in more calories than we burn the excess is transformed and stored as fat.  Our bodies burn calories for energy and we know that burning more calories than you take in will help you lose weight and fat.  But the body doesn’t just burn energy from one spot or area; it burns calories from the entire body.  Although spot reduction would be nice, as with many things, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is just that.  However, if you want to explore a scientifically sound approach to determining your actual calorie burn and daily calorie requirements to reach your fitness goals, NexGen can help you through metabolic testing.  Just ask one of our trainers for more information.