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Most workout enthusiasts have heard of or even thought of using a supplement to boost their workout performance, and creatine may be considered the Granddaddy of them all. It’s included in many, if not all, pre-workout supplements, many types of protein powders and of course it’s also available solo as well. So, what’s the hype and why is it so popular? First, creatine is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. It is found in muscle tissue and is used by the body to create the energy our muscles need to perform muscular movements. It is also found in food sources such as meat and fish. This means that creatine is already in use in our bodies, it’s naturally occurring, and its benefits are rather simple. If the body can create more energy within the muscles, we can lift more and lift longer with the additional supplementation of creatine. Now, it’s worth noting that creatine’s benefits seem to extend solely to anaerobic movements. In other words, utilizing creatine in hopes of running longer distance is most likely a waste. When supplementing with creatine, consult the recommended dosage of the chosen product and do not exceed. Some products recommend a loading phase, however there is no direct research that there is a benefit to this method. The main focus when using creatine is to make sure you are properly hydrated. This will allow your body to expel the unused amounts, preventing undue stress on your liver and kidneys. While relatively safe, and approved by all major governing agencies such as the NFL and NCAA, creatine should always be used properly. If you have questions please consult your trainers.