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We would like to introduce NexGen Fitness INSPIRE™, our latest mobile app. NexGen INSPIRE™ was born out of the understanding that our level of exertion can affect our results, and that higher is not always better. Being able to track your heart rate, your calories burned, and your target fat burning zones on a workout-by-workout basis ensures that we are maximizing our time in the studio. Now you can keep track of each workout, review historical data, and even track your progress on the scale – all in one convenient location.  Inspire works with our heart rate monitoring straps to effectively monitor your workouts and your progress by accurately tracking heart rate levels and calorie burn during your workouts at NexGen Fitness!  Utilizing heart rate monitoring will help you get better results than ever before by staying in your fat burning zones! Our expert trainers will work to make sure you not only burn a ton of calories during your sessions, but we will design a program that ensures you are burning stored fat for energy – not sugars. Plus, you’ll receive an email each day you have an in-studio workout explaining your stats for each workout so you can easily track your progress.

When used in conjunction with our heart rate monitoring strap Inspire will also allow you to:

  • Record, store and track out-of-club workouts
  • Measure intensity by a unique points system
  • Track progress over time by monitoring weight loss
  • View real time heart rate displayed in colored heart rate zone chart or dashboard
  • View calorie burn per minute of a workout
  • Record, store and track activity via a Bluetooth Activity Monitor

Download the new NexGen INSPIRE™ app today and check out our online shop to purchase your personal heart rate monitoring chest strap!