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Cardio on the Road

Cardio on the Road

Cardio on the Road

Cardio is important to your overall health and to the success of your plans to reach your goals.  Doing cardio at NexGen is a wonderful way to get in some steps; but there are lots of ways to get cardio when you are on the road for work or simply for pleasure.  Here are 7 ideas to help you get some cardio outside of the studio.

  1. Take the stairs – You can always skip the elevator to get a little cardio.
  2. Give up the front row parking place – Park in the back of the lot and get in a few steps.
  3. Participate in sporting activities – Cardio doesn’t have to be walking. Take a kayak or canoe out on the water, ride a bike, etc.  It will give you a chance to take in some scenery in addition to getting cardio.
  4. Go dancing – Dance is a great way to get cardio and have a good time too.
  5. Play a game – Play golf, go bowling or even play Wii Sports for some fun cardio.
  6. Explore the airport – Have a long layover? Go for a walk and check out the sights.  A lot of airports have great art installations for you to explore.
  7. Walk the mall – Head to your local mall or shopping center for a brisk walk and some window shopping.

With these great tips, there are no excuses for not getting in a regular, healthy dose of cardio, even if you can’t make it into NexGen.

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