Side Pattern

Don’t worry if you spent
the last few minutes trying to figure out how to pronounce the name of
this awesome supplement, because luckily it goes by other names as well.
You may find it as Golden Root or Artic Root at your local supplement
shop. This little root packs a big punch when it comes to improving your
energy levels. Think of it as an alternative for caffeine. It has long
been used in Russia to fight fatigue, but can also help enhance
concentration, improve performance capacity during exercise, and help
fight stress. Taking just 100 mg has been shown to be sufficient but 200
mg is still considered safe. One important thing to note is that the
best time to take this supplement is in the morning since, much like
caffeine, it has the potential to affect your sleep patterns if taken
too late in the day. So if you need some natural energy to help you
focus and get through work, or working out, try it!