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Have you been feeling like you can’t focus, or
your immune system has been letting you down more often than you’d like.
Perhaps you have been feeling a little down or fatigued. Well if so, there may
be a natural solution available in the form of Ginseng. Ginseng is believed to
have positive effects on all of the abov
e-mentioned symptoms as well as having
possible uses for treating cancer, heart disease and even boosting endurance. So
what is it? Simply put, it is a slow-growing perennial plant that has been used
as an herbal medicine for centuries, especially in Asia. It has been studied
for a variety of benefits and there is some evidence to support a number of
these claims, while others are less conclusive. While there is no daily
recommended intake for Ginseng, typically 200 mg of dried extract is sufficient
to see benefits. Because ginseng can act as a stimulant it is not recommended
to take large quantities above 200 mg. Check out your local health foods store
for more information