Side Pattern

Adam is a surgeon, and therefore knows his body well and wanted to work with
the best personal trainers in Frisco.

He came to NexGen to get his
strength back after rehabbing a back injury. After pushing through each
and every workout, and giving everything he had, the results speak for
themselves. Adam was able to pack on 8.6 lbs of muscle in only 10 weeks!
He was able to push out 20 extra pushups and bench press an impressive
65lbs more than when he started, at a weight he hadn’t done since
college! One of the most important and amazing results was in his
flexibility. Adam was able to gain a whopping 4.75 inches of flexibility
in his lower back.  He has done an incredible job during his time at
NexGen and we want to congratulate him on his achievements thus far.
Keep up the hard work!