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Tribulus Terrestris

Ok guys; listen up because this one’s for you. If you are feeling depleted during the day, are not sleeping well at night, or noticing your body composition isn’t what it used to be, your testosterone levels may be riding low. Now before you run out and start getting injections or having pellets inserted into your hip, why not look at some more natural ways to boost those levels?

One of the most well known natural remedies is Tirbulus Terrestris (Trib).  Trib is an herb that grows in many parts of the world and has several species that have been documented. It is more commonly known as Devil’s weed or Cat’s head and grows in places such as Turkey, Bulgaria and India. While Trib has many active ingredients it is believed that the saponin protodioscin is the driving ingredient and the cause of the reported benefits in testosterone. While their have not been enough studies on Trib it is beleieved that the explanation of any rise in testosterone may be due to a rise in either the luteinizing hormone (LH) or follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Or it could be caused by its ability to reduce blood glucose in the body.

While it is considered to be a safe, Trib dosing seems to be very specific, with a target range of 2.3 to 4.6 milligrams per day. Any more or less will likely not produce the desired results. You also want to look for a Tribulus Terrestris extract that’s standardized to no less than 6% protodioscin and between 40% and 45% total saponins. It is best taken on an empty stomach with water. Check your local health foods store for more information.