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The month of November has come to be known as Men’s Health Awareness Month. Take a look around and you may just see more men sporting mustaches than usual, taking part in “MOvember” to raise awareness and money. So we wanted to highlight a supplement that is known for its uses in helping keep men healthier. Saw Palmetto is an herbal product that has been extensively studied for its benefits on the male prostate. With prostate cancer affecting 1 in 7 men and being the second leading cause of death in American men, taking your prostate health seriously is very important. Now, it is important to note that studies on saw palmetto being used in preventing or curing cancer are not available although it may be claimed. However, for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH (also known as an enlarged prostate) it has been shown to be very effective. All adult men should consider adding in saw palmetto into the vitamin regime. See your local health foods store for more information.