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Plant Sterols/Stan

If you are one of the many who are
dealing with high cholesterol levels and are interested in trying to
find a more natural alternative to ending up on Crestor or Lipitor,
plant sterol/stanol supplementation may be worth a try. These fat-like
compounds are typically found in grains, fruit, nuts and veggies and
have been studied for decades on their effects on cholesterol levels.
Because they look like cholesterol to the body, they work by blocking
receptors for cholesterol, attaching to cholesterol in the intestine and
keeping it from being absorbed. This results in lowering the LDL-the
bad cholesterol that is a problem for many.

One study conducted
in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that plant sterols taken
in doses of 2 grams per day for one year lowered LDL levels by 14% and
total cholesterol by 10%. In correlation to heart disease this means a
25% reduction in risk! You can find plant sterols/stanols at many health
food stores and grocery stores. The recommended dose is 2 grams per
day. Now, while it is not recommended to replace any currently
prescribed medications you can use this supplement in conjunction with
your cholesterol-lowering regimen, but always be sure to check with your