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Frisco Personal Trainer explains the benefits of L-Arginine

What is it? L-Arginine is an essential amino acid that is obtained from either diet or supplementation and is necessary for the body to make and synthesize proteins necessary to build muscle. L-Arginine helps the body get rid of waste, through the creation of urea which is the byproduct of the breakdown of protein.

L-Arginine also helps your body manufacture creatine, a protein that contributes to muscle mass and power. L-Arginine also helps the body get rid of creatinine, the waste product associated with this process. Typically the bodybuilding industry loves to combine creatine and L-Arginine supplements together especially for pre-workout.

L-Arginine may also reduce symptoms of angina (chest pain) and coronary disease. Both the National Institute of Health and the Mayo Clinic caution that more research is necessary, but L-Arginine may be a good treatment for some heart patients. However should not be looked to in the event of an actual heart attack.

This supplement may also improve blood flow. For certain individuals, L-Arginine can help reduce high blood pressure. People with blood clots, especially in the legs, may find some relief from supplemental intake. Typically L-Arginine can be obtained in our diets and is found in red meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products. If you are looking to take in supplement form no more than 9 grams should be consumed in a 24 hour period.