Side Pattern


As we all know, losing
weight the right way involves the right balance of exercise and
nutrition. The problem that many do not realize is that when we restrict
calories to lose weight our body will unfortunately target muscle along
with fat to create the energy we need. This is where resistance
training is vital to maintaining and fighting against the body’s natural
process. Additionally, we must ensure that we intake adequate protein
and amino acids to help trigger the body to actually develop muscle
fibers after each workout. Another thing we can try is supplementing
with HMB or Hydroxy-MethylButyrate, which is a metabolite of the
amino acid Leucine. It is very potent in terms of reducing muscle
protein breakdown and can also aid in protein synthesis as well. This
can be huge for those on a calorie-restricted diet to help further
reduce the chance of sacrificing muscle when losing weight.  For this
purpose 1-3 grams, taken 30 to 45 minutes before a workout, should have
positive effects.