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While all holidays can be fraught with diet pitfalls, Halloween is especially dangerous.  Treats are everywhere and people are just passing it out – FOR FREE!  Here are a few tips to help you survive the holiday while staying on track:

  • Pass out healthier treats instead of candy.
  • If you must buy candy:
    • Don’t buy it until Halloween Day.
    • Keep it out of eyesight until you start dropping it into trick-or-treat bags.
    • Only buy candy you don’t like.
  • Pass out all your candy on Halloween – no leftovers.
  • If you plan on treating yourself:
    • Read the labels.
    • Keep your treat under 100 calories.
    • Sour candy is often lower in calorie than chocolate.
    • Plan your treat as part of your day and record what you eat on NexGen NutritionÔ.
  • Finish the night by taking you kids for a nice long walk around the neighborhood.
  • And finally, remember tomorrow is another day. Don’t give up if you over indulge, just get back on track in the morning.