Side Pattern

Thanksgiving will be here soon!  As you are planning your feast, keep in mind that you can have a great meal and still make some healthy choices.  Little changes throughout your menu can make a big difference in your overall calorie consumption, and your guests won’t even notice.

See below for some typical Thanksgiving dishes and a healthy alternative for you to consider having.

Traditional Dish Healthier Option
Cheese and cracker tray Raw fruit and veggie tray

Veggies roasted in butter

Raw or steamed veggies without butter

Green-bean casserole

Steamed green beans

Mashed potatoes with butter and milk

Mashed potatoes with skim milk and light butter

Dark turkey with the skin

Skinless turkey breast

Traditional stuffing

Stuffing cooked outside the bird to reduce fat

Candied yams

Roasted Sweet potatoes

Pecan pie

Pumpkin pie